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Services and advantages

Top quality container homes

HOME CONTAINER is a SOGESE trademark specifically designed to offer the highest comfort and quality inside living containers homes.

Why to choose HOME CONTAINER:

  • Transport and handling: Every structure is designed to return the best comfortable living environment inside a vessel boarding certificated 20 or 40 feet container according to the international ISO standard regulations for intermodal transport.
  • Cost efficiency: HOME CONTAINER housing units are comfortable structures, designed and equipped to save time and money if compared to the traditional construction products. High quality and compliance with the building regulations are preserved.
  • Modularity: HOME CONTAINER housing units can be coupled and overlapped to create more spacious and complex environments
  • Comfort: every home container is completely autonomous regarding to the systems and machineries required to perform usual daily tasks. It is supplied with bed compartment, living room, bathroom and a furnished kitchen area.
  • Customization: HOME CONTAINER housing units offer a great number of options regarding the particular choice of walls and furniture, colors and trimmings.
  • Personalized financial solutions: The customer can choose between the home container straight purchase and home container lease-purchase.

Here’s below some key services of the brand HOME CONTAINER:

Finishings and customizations

Finishings and customizations

HOME CONTAINER provides a wide range of outdoor (outdoor walls color) and indoor (wall coverings, floor finishing, indoor furniture color) trimmings that may be available as options and extras. The housing container can be equipped and built inside a 20 or 40 feet shipping container.

Vessel boarding certification

Vessel boarding certification

Home containers are built, in compliance with international standards (RINA container certification), safety regulations and customer requests.

Optionals and extras

Optionals and extras

HOME CONTAINER provides a deep tailored service. Beyond finishing and colors, the customer can equip his container with a series of extras that ease the use of the containerized environment.

Flexible financial solutions

Flexible financial solutions

HOME CONTAINER provides several financial solutions for simple or complex structures (structures created by assembling and overlapping several home containers). The customer may choose between the straight purchase and the lease-purchase.

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