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News - 09/07/2024
Controlled Temperature Storage: A Solution to Food Waste

How temperature-controlled transportation solutions are revolutionizing the cold chain and reducing environmental impact Food waste is one of the most pressing challenges […]

News - 01/06/2024
Refrigerated Cells – Not Refrigerated Containers – Benefits and Why Choose Them

When it comes to storing products at a controlled temperature, the choice between mobile cold rooms and refrigerated sea containers is crucial. […]

News - 20/05/2024
Refrigerated Containers: Operation and Technique

What is a Reefer Container and How Does It Work? In the realm of global trade, transporting perishable goods represents a crucial […]

News - 22/03/2024
Suez and Panama blockades, conflicts, and rising tariffs in the mediterranean

The recent blockades of the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal, combined with the increase in maritime tariffs in the Mediterranean, are […]

News - 23/02/2024
Functionality and Style: The QUICKBOX Prefabricated Modules at the Naval Academy in Livorno

The recent installation of QUICKBOX prefabricated modules at the Naval Academy in Livorno marks a significant milestone in the field of temporary […]

News - 25/01/2024
Portable office container

Portable office container offer a flexible and modern space and work solution, factors that have become an imperative necessity in today’s job […]

News - 22/12/2023
Residential Prefabricated Buildings and Habitable Containers: Differences and Possible Customizations

Living in a Sogese prefabricated home offers an innovative and high-end solution for those seeking a unique living experience. These homes combine […]

News - 17/11/2023
Used maritime containers, an economical and functional solution for numerous applications

Used maritime containers represent a versatile and cost-effective solution for various logistical and storage needs. These containers, originally designed for sea freight […]

News - 10/10/2023
15 Refrigeration Units for the F1 Grand Prix in Monza

During the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monza, held on September 3rd of this year, another player chose to enter the track, […]

News - 01/10/2023
Sogese Now Even Closer to Its Customers, Thanks to 24/7 Support and New Procedures

The Customer Support service is now accessible via a dedicated toll-free number, 800 97 88 94, and a dedicated email inbox. Services […]

News - 19/09/2023
Custom prefabricated canteen: when innovation meets functionality

The evolution of modern spaces demands flexible and personalized solutions. COREMAS POLARIS, with its Shelter & Housing Units division, has proven to […]

News - 22/08/2023
Containers for Events, Sogese Always Present

The organization of large or small events, such as musical events, sporting events, or food and wine festivals, requires precise planning and […]

News - 13/07/2023
Mobile Refrigeration Cells for Optimal Wine Production Processes

If it is true that climate conditions are essential factors for a successful vintage, it is likely that controlling temperature and humidity […]

News - 13/06/2023
Shelter for Lithium Battery Storage

A “shelter” for lithium battery storage is a unit or system specifically designed to safely house and protect lithium batteries. Lithium batteries […]

News - 29/04/2023
Used containers, an economical and sustainable solution

When it comes to storage or transportation of goods, buying or renting used containers can be an excellent choice, depending on the […]

News - 16/03/2023
Sogese: the strategic choice of a Livorno location for container rental and sales

Sogese has its main headquarters in Livorno, Tuscany, a region in central Italy with a significant port and maritime tradition. Thanks to […]

News - 16/03/2023
Livorno port: 29,000 refrigerated containers handled in 2022, 11% of all full containers

Livorno port has seen a constant increase in the percentage of refrigerated containers loaded and unloaded since 2019.   Refrigerated containers Refrigerated […]

News - 13/01/2023

20 x 20′ DV Original Low Cube (8ft high / 2438 mm) available for sale. Military Green color (RAL 6003). ISO CODE: […]

News - 15/06/2022
From shipping container to storage container: a trend encouraged by Covid-19

Storage containers now on sale as convenient solutions for commercial and personal use. Upon exploring the impact of Covid-19 on intermodal logistics, […]

News - 07/06/2022
Buying shipping containers – why convert them to storage units

Four facts about storage containers and why consider buying one for a growing business. When it comes to the future of a […]

News - 12/05/2022
Reefer containers shortage: how it impacts the pharmaceutical industry

When the public and private health sector relies on reefer containers. The reefer shortage that has recently caught the attention of the […]

News - 29/04/2022
Used containers still in high demand – Covid19 effects not over yet

Brand new and second-hand containers have never been so expensive. When the well-known effects of bottlenecks and supply chain delays began affecting […]

News - 13/04/2022
Reefer shortage: perishable shippers turn to air freight solutions

Even though air freight rates are soaring, shipping by air has never been so appealing. Covid-19 measures and the consequent creation of […]

News - 06/04/2022
When containers are lost at sea: much more than a loss of income

How sea containers might become a threat to the environment. Sea containers falling off cargo vessels is a phenomenon with various explanations […]

News - 17/03/2022
Office containers: a cost-efficient solution to extend a container’s life

Office containers obtained from repurposed shipping containers are custom-built products manufactured to strike a balance between functionality and operational and aesthetic requirements. […]

News - 10/03/2022
Shipping containers and reefers: risk of drug smuggling escalates during Covid-19 pandemic

Illicit drugs make their way to European ports getting past security checks. While the effects that the global pandemic has thrust upon […]

News - 14/02/2022
How about using shipping container for mobile and temporary workshops? We (Sogese) made it!

ISO shipping containers are extremely versatile and they do perform well even if used for scopes far from their original purpose (the […]

News - 04/06/2021
Brand new 20′ low cubes just offlined and already available in our depots.

Brand new 20′ low cubes (8′ external height) just offlined and already available in our depots. Low cubes width and length is […]

News - 26/03/2021

Bolloré Logistics Italy has provided an emergency service for a major actor of the pharmaceutical industry. Our teams managed the storage of […]

News - 13/03/2021
INTERMODAL CONNECT 16th – 18th of March

Sogese starting from March 16th until March 18th, take part in the INTERMODAL CONNECT event – if you have pleasure in contacting […]

News - 01/02/2021
Idea Freddo in support of Moderna vaccine logistics

We are proud to share with our network of peers our contribution to the logistic management of the Moderna Vaccine in Italy. […]

News - 21/01/2021
January 2021 starts with the delivery of the first container shelter

These are 10’, 20’, 40’ ISO containers units. These container shelters provide an instant logistical support through the immediate delivery of emergency […]

News - 21/12/2020
Excellence in waste management activities shall lean on intermodal solutions

Any customer’s request is a new potential market share. In this case, we decided to take a new challenge. We were asked […]

News - 17/12/2020
SoGeSe and the Christmas with Save The Children

This year SOGESE decided to donate the proceeds intended for Christmas expenses for employees to a charity. The total amount was donated to SAVE THE […]

News - 30/11/2020
Customized ATEX compliant cold rooms – Technology and top performance accuracy for the Pharma Industry

We are normally required to design a specific solution for appliances that need to be stored and 100% performing inside a modified […]

News - 05/11/2020
20’ High Cube Open Side and 40’ High Cube Open Side ready for delivery

20’ High Cube Open Side and 40’ High Cube Open Side ready for delivery. New flexible storage solutions. 20’ High Cube Open […]

News - 02/11/2020
Imola 2020 Grand Prix: A centered role of Sogese with its QuickBox brand

After the remarked success achieved with the Mugello Grand Prix 2020, Sogese renews its partnership with the Formula 1 events through the […]

News - 14/09/2020
Mugello Grand Prix 2020: Sogese plays a primary role with Quickbox housing units

Despite all the difficulties of the global pandemic, once again this year, Sogese played a primary role in one of the most […]

News - 14/12/2018
Idea Freddo – A thought for the environment

If it is true that today the reputation of a product is mainly based on its level of environmental sustainability, Idea Freddo […]

News - 12/11/2018
Available stock of used maritime containers in good conditions – mainly 20’, 40’, 40’ high Cube and 40’ Open Top

Despite the general shortage of used containers in Italy, we do have still good stock available of 20’, 40’, 40’ high Cube […]

News - 13/08/2018
Home Container will attend the Sun Expo Fair in Rimini from 10 to 12 October 2018

We are pleased to announce that “Home Container”, a Sogese’s registered trademark for the sale and rental of containerized housing solutions will attend […]

News - 25/05/2018
Sogese confirms availability of new special containers and ISO standard containers at his container depots in Italy

First trip containers and special maritime containers are now available at Sogese’s depots in Livorno, La Spezia, Genoa, Melzo and Arquata Scrivia. […]

News - 06/03/2018
New container depot and sales office for Sogese in Melzo (Milan)

Sogese celebrates the opening of a new commercial office and a new container depot in Melzo (Milan). The managing director Andrea Monti […]

News - 05/10/2017
Sogese srl @ SUN EXPO RIMINI 2017, from the 12th till the 14th of October 2017

From the 12th till the 14th of October 2017, Sogese srl will participate with its stand to the international SUN EXPO RIMINI […]

Press Room - 30/06/2015

On last Friday MONTI INDUSTRIES group introduced his companies during the event Genoa Shipping Week 2015, which occurred in Genova from the […]

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    Sogese offers used containers in excellent condition and at extremely competitive prices, in the depots of: Genoa / Arquata – Livorno – […]

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    Brand New Containers in arrival into our Depots in Italy

    20 x 20’BOX brand new container available for sale (already produced) on their way to Italy – LA SPEZIA/GENOA (RAL 5010) – […]

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    We have stock of NON OPERATING REEFERS for Sale!

    Due to the recent renewal of our refrigerated container fleet, we have availability of Non Operating Reefers with insulated boxes in very […]

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    Sogese has availability of used and new containers in the following locations: Arquata Scrivia; Bologna; La Spezia; Livorno; Milan; Naples; Padua; Rome; […]

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    Availability of 20’Box / 40’Box / 40′ HighCube / 20′ OpenTop

    We have availability of 20 ‘STANDARD / 40’ STANDARD / 40 ‘HIGH CUBE / 20’OPEN TOP used in excellent conditions at extremely […]

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    Availability of 20′ & 40′ BOX in Italy

    SOGESE sells 20 ‘and 40’ BOX containers in Cargo Worthy conditions – Containers with international ISO Standard recommendations for maritime and intermodal […]

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    40′ Standard in Arquata – Livorno – Padova

    We have 40’STANDARD used in excellent condition and at very competitive price in Genoa/Arquata – Livorno – Padova in CW conditions and […]

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    Sogese: New availability of fresh produced storage containers 20’ High Cube Open Side

    Brand new special storage container have been just delivered and are available in our depots in Genova, Milano, Livorno, Venezia and La […]

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