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Stock Solution

New and Used Special and Dry Containers sale and rental

Stocksolution is the registered SOGESE’s trademark which identifies and promotes the sale and lease of maritime and ISO standard containers for specific requirements.

Stocksolution was launched to monitor the market demand and it splits into two major groups. [Read more]

  1. The first group is represented by maritime ISO standard containers from 20ft to 40ft in length and 20ft-high cube to 40ft-high cube, qualified for the shipping. These containers represent almost the entire fleet bound to shipping and international maritime transportation.
  2. The second group is represented by units designed for the loading of special cargo or cargo that has special requirements, eligible for international shipping too. They belong to this category the following containers:
    • Double door
    • Flat rack
    • Open top
    • Pallet wide
    • Open side
    • Container DNV 2.7-1 qualified for offshore platforms
    • Warehouse and storage containers

The ISO standard and the SPECIAL containers are avaialble in different scales, these range from 8ft and 3euro pallet load to 45ft cube pallet which guarantees up to 26 internal euro pallet space.

The ISO STANDARD containers represent, the simplest and cost-effective solution. However, depending on the purpose of the maritime transportation, their efficiency can be improved by using optional.

Stock Solution products and services

Dry Containers

Dry Containers

Stock Solution products are designed to provide our customers with immediate solutions at low cost, tailored to every need.

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Used and second hand

Used and second hand

Stock Solution used containers are always available at advantageous and unbeatable prices at major ports and inland ports in the world.

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Accessories and optionals

Accessories and optionals

Containers can be set up and equipped with accessories capable of guaranteeing better functionality and greater effectiveness in the control and optimization of loading and unloading operations.

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Assistance and services

Assistance and services

Remote control and immediate assistance are just some of the many pluses to guarantee the quality and reliability of Stock Solution solutions.

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Delivery and availability everywhere in the world

Dry containers, delivery is ensured by a wide commercial and operative network made up of business offices and container depots run directly by SOGESE, or by business partners with whom SOGESE has been working since several years.

Stock Solution delivers new and second hand dry containers, endowed with the requested vessel boarding certifications, in Italy and in the main port and dry port areas all over the world (Europe, Middle and Far East, India, Australia, Usa, Canada, South America).

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    The best solutions for your needs

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