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Portable office container

Portable office container offer a flexible and modern space and work solution, factors that have become an imperative necessity in today’s job market.

Sogese, a leading company in the field of mobile storage systems, offers a wide range of customizable options to meet every specific need.

Our offerings range from standard models to more complex modular solutions, suitable for different work environments.

The QuickBox range of modular office prefabricates is characterized by its functionality and efficiency, with models ranging from basic solutions to more elaborate and customized configurations based on specific requests and needs.
These modular workspaces are designed to perfectly suit the user’s needs, both in terms of size and internal and external equipment.

Options include the possibility of expansion with additional modules, modern glass windows, efficient heating systems, and numerous other customizations and accessories.

Prefabbricati modulari a uso ufficio

The company also offers the option to choose between purchasing or renting used or new modules, ensuring high-quality solutions at competitive prices.

Some advantages of QuickBox solutions:

  1. Innovative and customized design: One of the main advantages offered by modular prefabricated offices is the ability to customize your space according to your style, making each module not only a functional workspace but also a powerful branding tool. QuickBox excels in designing portable office container, offering an exclusive internal design service. Each project is developed in detail, using cutting-edge tools such as AutoCAD representation, to meet the specific needs of the client. This approach allows for the creation of modules that not only perfectly meet demands but also stand out for their high quality and attention to production details.
  2. Serigraphy and customizations: The service offered by QuickBox goes beyond simple design, including aesthetic customizations that significantly increase the visual and promotional impact of the containers. Originally in grey shades, these boxes can be transformed to adapt to specific promotional needs, making them ideal for events and exhibitions. These modifications not only improve the visibility of the client’s company but also make the modules more attractive and distinctive.
  3. Customized furnishings and installations: QuickBox is committed to providing a complete service, covering every aspect of container customization, both outside and inside. This includes the possibility of furnishing and equipping the interiors so that they are not only functional but also comfortable and welcoming, depending on the intended use of the prefabricated structure. With QuickBox, every customer can expect an interior environment optimized for their specific needs.

Regarding legal and technical issues, it’s important to note that the installation of a modular prefab may require approval from local authorities. The size, weight, and intended use of the module affect these needs.

Sogese offers complete assistance in these areas, facilitating the fulfillment of these formalities for its clients.

QuickBox stands out in the field of modular office prefabricates for its ability to offer tailor-made solutions, of high aesthetic and functional quality, that perfectly adapt to the diverse needs of customers. Contact us for more information.

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    Portable office container

    Portable office container offer a flexible and modern space and work solution, factors that have become an imperative necessity in today’s job […]

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