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Used and second hand containers

New and Used Special and Dry Containers sale and rental

StockSolution second-hand containers can be delivered to the major port and dry port areas. Check our availability by getting in touch with our sales office. Our containers are on sale in CW, IICL and AS IS conditions. RINA certification for vessel boarding can be released also for second hand products.


  • ISO standard shipping containers, units repaired as required by CW and IICL standard repair provisions
  • Immediate availability
  • RINA certificate release

Attention, the images are purely illustrative. For further information on technical specifications please refer to the table, in the products section.

Dimensions: based on stock availability

40′ High Cube Second Hand containers

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Used containers 40’ HC for sale and for rent are available in our stock. They are suitable for logistic operations purposes both for transport of goods and for stock solutions. Used containers 40’ HC have bigger capacity compared to 40’ std since they are 2,697 m tall (instead of 2,591 m).

Containers Open Top transformed on 40′

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Transformed used containers are available in our stock both for sale and for rent. In particular, we offer used containers Open Top 40’ that are especially employed for piping installation scope. Open Top 40’ used containers allow the load from above and they have the following dimensions: length 12,192 m, width 2,438 m and height 2,591 m. The steel material used for the construction of the units guarantees the quality and the strength of the used containers, which make the containers durable and reliable.

20′ Open Top containers

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Used containers Open Top 20’ can be rented and bought at our company, and they are particularly indicated for bulky goods transportation such as piping installations or similar. Open Top 20’ used containers have dimensions: 6,058 m, 2,438 m, 2,591 m. The used containers structure is entirely realized by corten steel in order to cope with weather events and the steel corner blocks guarantee strength to the structure against loads and collisions.

40′ standard Second hand containers

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40’ std used containers to be used for transport and stock purposes are available for sell and for rent. The used containers are 6,058 m long, 2,438 m wide and 2,591 m tall. The used conditions of the containers do not affect the quality of the units whose lateral walls and the top side are built with corten steel in order to resist to weather events while the steel corner blocks ensure the adequate strength against both loads and collisions.

20′ Second hand containers

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The 20’ used container is entirely made of special corten steel that assures endurance to rust and to saline environments. Corrugated corten steel sheets make the walls and girders compose the structure of the used container. A galvanized double bar door with rubber gasket makes the closing while the handle is provided with a hole that ensure the housing for the seal. The used container is 6,058 m long, 2,438 m wide, 2,591 m tall and it is available both for rent and for sell.

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