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SOGESE is a dynamic
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SOGESE is a constantly-growing and dynamic company. If you are attracted by the containers industry, and you wish to become our partner, send your application for an internship at our company.

Reefer technician internship opportunity

Sogese offers an internship opportunity of 6 month for a vacant position as a junior reefer technician. At the end of the internship program, the most skilled applicants will be selected and employed.

To apply for this position please click on the following link: APPLICATION FORM.

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News - 09/07/2024
Controlled Temperature Storage: A Solution to Food Waste

How temperature-controlled transportation solutions are revolutionizing the cold chain and reducing environmental impact Food waste is one of the most pressing challenges […]

News - 01/06/2024
Refrigerated Cells – Not Refrigerated Containers – Benefits and Why Choose Them

When it comes to storing products at a controlled temperature, the choice between mobile cold rooms and refrigerated sea containers is crucial. […]

News - 20/05/2024
Refrigerated Containers: Operation and Technique

What is a Reefer Container and How Does It Work? In the realm of global trade, transporting perishable goods represents a crucial […]

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