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Buying shipping containers – why convert them to storage units

Four facts about storage containers and why consider buying one for a growing business.

When it comes to the future of a business, either large or small, it feels natural to go the extra mile to make sure to dispose of secure, functional, and comfortable locations, both for team workers and customers. In this regard, buying a steel storage container is a simple choice that gives plenty of extra benefits: a safe space to stock materials and products, a viable solution for a young business or, if you are planning on turning it into a ready-made office, portable workspaces for your team. And this is true whether you are looking forward to buying one or renting one as a temporary solution. In particular, when choosing to rely on a shipping container to expand or strengthen a business, it all comes down to several benefits deriving from its intrinsic characteristics.

  1. Cost-effective
    Not only has the cost of shipping containers slightly dropped because of price fluctuation, deriving from a post-pandemic resumption in container production, but also other factors make buying containers a great return on investment: ease of transportation, allowing businesses to move or attend temporary events, and low maintenance that can make the container last up to twenty years.
  2. Multipurpose
    As previously said, purchasing steel-corrugated containers is a solution that fits many different purposes, from storing materials and finished goods to serving as a portable, ready-made workspace. Moreover, it doesn’t leave out the possibility of functioning as a strategic place to meet clients and customers, either daily or on special occasions (for example, while upgrading a company’s current location).
  3. Durable and secure
    While the welded and sealed frame of containers allows them to endure all sorts of weather conditions, it is possible to enhance further safety measures by installing locking mechanisms and high-quality technologies. These cutting-edge systems will guarantee the possibility of running multiple security checks to keep valuable items and documents safe.
  4. Flexible and versatile
    Companies can either rent or buy storage containers according to their needs and goals, and this comes much easier considering that exterior design and interior features are entirely customizable. Moreover, converted shipping containers that meet ISO requirements can be easily stacked with other ISO containers to double storage space and create personalized structures.

Article by Susanna Belleggia.

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